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n addition to project-specific deliverables and products such as those listed on the past and current project pages, the following research products are continuously developed and updated at Altostratus Inc. For additional information, please see the contact information page or send a note to

Also visit the "Research Highlights" page.

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Fine-scale urban weather forecasting system
With funding from the California Energy Commission, Altostratus Inc. is developing fine-scale urban weather forecasting capabilities for the electric system (see Projects Page). This effort will allow Altostratus to provide the utilities and system operators with the tools and data for a more accurate assessment of intra-urban variability in climate and, hence, electric load forecasting. Real-time and days-out fine-resolution urban meteorological prediction is also useful in improving the heat and air-quality forecasts that are important in public health assessments.

Fine-resolution, urbanized (meso-urban) meteorological models
This effort aims at developing, updating, and applying fine-resolution meteorological models and the parameterizations they require. One aspect of this effort is to further build upon earlier bulk-parameterization model urbanization schemes as well as to further update urbanized models (such as the urbanized WRF model).


Advanced models and modeling techniques for urban heat islands
Altostratus Inc. continues to develop and apply advanced modeling techniques to accurately capture urban heat signatures under different synoptic/local conditions and geographical settings. The modeling techniques are also designed to clearly capture the effects of proposed mitigation measures (signal) which would otherwise be more difficult to detect with standard modeling techniques and approaches. Altostratus also updates state-of-science models, such as the WRF and CAMx/CMAQ modeling systems, to specifically adapt them for these applications.

Advanced urban canopy parameterizations for mesoscale meteorological models (MM5 and WRF)
Moving beyond current urban canopy-layer parameterizations (UCP), Altostratus continues to evaluate various parameterizations for increased accuracy in modeling urban areas. This effort also involves developing new approaches for deriving and generating the detailed 3-dimensional input parameters needed in UCP models.