Atmospheric modeling, research, and forecasting

with a focus on the urban atmosphere

Altostratus Inc. is a California certified small business providing highly-specialized services in multi-scale atmospheric modeling and research with applications in climate, emissions, air quality, thermal environment, and energy as well as in fine-scale forecasting of microclimates and site-specific weather. While scales of interest range from the global to the local, Altostratus focuses mostly on the meso to micro scales, including urban climates. Advanced models and tools are developed at Altostratus for various research and forecasting applications such as developing high-resolution site-specific weather for energy modeling (weather files) under current and changing climates, industry-specific weather derivatives, and urban heat-island characterization and mitigation.

Altostratus was incorporated in 2003 and, since then, has provided high-quality services to national, federal, state, local, cities, environmental, and private organizations. See the Projects page for more information or select from the tabs above to learn more and contact us for details on services, products, and the development of data that is specific to your site or geographical location.